Friday, 07 December 2018

Member for Pittwater and NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes has announced more than $4.3 million for additional learning initiatives in Pittwater’s eleven public schools.

The Resource Allocation Model (RAM) funding is part of the NSW Government’s commitment to needs-based funding and represents an increase of more than $450,000 on last year’s allocation.

Pittwater’s public schools will receive an average of $394,000 in additional resource funding in 2019.

School Principals are able to determine how the additional funds are spent to best support student needs. This may include employing specialist teachers or purchasing extra learning resources to respond to the unique requirements of their students.

“I’m delighted our local schools will benefit from this additional funding,” Rob Stokes said today.

“Principals are able to identify exactly where to direct the extra resources based on the individual needs of their students.

“Every extra dollar invested in our schools can make a difference – so it’s great to see funding continue to increase under this initiative.

“It’s only due to the strong financial position of the NSW Government that additional investments can be made in our local schools.

“I’m filled with admiration for our wonderful Principals and teachers throughout Pittwater who nurture and educate our children – and I’m constantly impressed by the new programs and resources that materialise through this initiative,” Rob Stokes said.