Thursday, 20 June 2013

Barrenjoey High School Band Tour

Extract from NSW Legislative Assembly Hansard and Papers Thursday 20 June 2013.

Mr ROB STOKES (Pittwater—Parliamentary Secretary) [5.01 p.m.]: Today I draw the attention of members to the importance of Barrenjoey High School's upcoming band tour to Indigenous schools and communities throughout the Northern Territory.

This fantastic initiative, being organised by the school's band coordinator, Ray Trevisan, together with Fiona Davy, Andrew Laurich, Kate Cramer, John Stone and Jeff McMullen, will provide local students with an enlightening and eye-opening opportunity to experience the vibrancy of Australia's Indigenous communities firsthand.

This tour is much more than just an opportunity for these students to share and perform their music with others in unique environments; it also will be a chance to gain a greater understanding of the importance of music to Indigenous communities and to develop a deeper appreciation of Australia's rich cultural history and diversity.

 I commend Barrenjoey High School for facilitating this truly wonderful opportunity. I strongly believe it is a positive and powerful concept for other schools to emulate. It is another example of the great work being undertaken and strong communities being forged in Pittwater's local schools. I wish students, parents and staff a happy, inspiring and safe trip.